Privacy Policy

We do not collect any data via this website.

The only way we keep data:

  1. We ask potential guests to complete a contract which I send them independently of the Website. The information given such as bank details is confidential to me and kept on my Computer or stored in my online banking, unless they complete and send me the contract on paper through the post. Then is is stored securely and disposed of after the guests leave.
  2. We do not use their information for any other purpose whatsoever, and we do not pass any of it on to a third party or for marketing.
  3. We do not share your information on any social media sites.


Essential Cookies in use on this website
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This website uses a session browser cookie in order for it to function. The browser cookie is simply a random string of characters to identify the visitor. There are no personally identifiable details in the cookie and no real data of use at all. The cookie is marked as a 'session' type of cookie, which means it will expire (be deleted automatically) when the browser is closed or cleaned by the browser after a set period of non-use.

No personal information is collected, stored or sold to third parties.